Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Roof Shingles Prices At Home Depot

The competition is cut-throat and it is not possible for big stores to survive by charging huge profits. Hence, the prices for shingles at Home Depot is likely to be in more reasonable range. In this era of instant price comparison and checking using social media, internet and the phone it is almost impossible for stores to charge exorbitant prices on their roofing products.

Prices of asphalt shingles have been steadily increasing this past decade or more. The reason is not far to seek. Raw materials that go into these shingles are petroleum-based and as the prices of crude go up so do the price of these shingles. Added to this is the spurt in demand with the increasing ferocity of hurricane and storms when new roofs are needed in a hurry. As the demand goes up so does the prices. Another reason for the rising prices is of course the increase in transportation costs - again directly attributable to rising fuel prices.

Home Depot shingle prices may or may not be the lowest, but is a reputed company that will honor its commitments. In case you get damaged or defective shingles, you can be sure that the company will replace them. Being one of most trusted and respectable companies they would not want even the slightest hint of scandal associated with them. So, if you have any problems they will make sure it is sorted out. Also, they have plenty of in-house experts who can advice you in a variety of matters starting with the type of roofing material to choose, the type of accessories needed, recommendations for roofing contractors.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Roofing Shingles Prices At Lowes

Homeowners need information about the roofing shingles prices, Lowes
This helps them to compare it against prices at Home Depot or other stores.
It is natural to want to get the best deals both on material prices and also on installation costs.
Getting to know the prices is just the first step.

Price Shopping Can Wait

You can go price shopping later.
Before that get to know the roof area.
This helps determine the amount of shingles to order.
Roofing shingles are sold in bundles.
The basic 3-tab asphalt shingles are the cheapest and lightest.
Three bundles of the 3-tab shingles cover 100 square feet of area.

Heavier Shingles, More Bundles Needed

Heavier architectural shingles are packed lesser number to a bundle.
Approximately 4 bundles are needed to cover 100 square feet.
The price of new shingles is around 60-70 dollars per bundle.
Use the number get an approximate amount of how much it costs in raw materials.
Prices vary greatly depending on type of shingles, location, brand and so on.

Why Prices Are Low At Lowes

Lowes, Home Depot and other big home improvements stores negotiate price discounts with manufacturers
They have huge purchasing power.
The stores themselves try to price the products competitively.
This is in order to get customers away from their competitors.

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

The price of shingles at home depot

Are Home Depot Roof Shingles Prices Cheapest?

Many people wonder if the home depot shingles prices are the cheapest.
It's not simple to answer.
You will some cheaper, some more expensive than in other stores.
Purchasing power is higher hence they negotiate lower prices.
Some of it passed on to consumers.
Some retained to cover their overheads.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Buying Roofing Shingles Guide - A Few Pointers

Heavy Or Light Shingles

There are so many options in roofing but consider your choices carefully.
Buying roofing shingles that are heavy like laminated shingles can overload your roof rafters.
You might need to beef them up, so that can cost you extra dollars.
Also, the older layers of shingles need to go and their removal and disposal will set you back by 1000 dollars or more.

Materials - Types

Buying roofing shingles becomes difficult because of the huge variety of choices on offer.
Asphalt, laminated, architectural, natural slate, natural wood shake, wood shingles, metals - like steel, copper.
Other choices include fake slate, fake wood which can be asphalt or metals designed to like the real thing.
Asphalt is the most popular choice because of its light-weight, ease of installation and affordability.

Highest Priority - Safety

Safety: Buying roofing shingles with highest fire safety ratings are a must.
Look for class A fire rated products.

Buying Online Or Offline

Convenient to buy roofing shingles online.
The range of choices is more and ease of shopping.
You can talk to representatives over the phone and place your order on the website or over phone.
On the flip side, you really can't judge quality, or the company's reputation.
You might have to pay a hefty amount for shipping, so make sure you get those details before you place your order.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Computing Cost Of Roofing Shingles

Computing the cost of roofing your home is made easy using an roofing shingles Calculator. Roofing shingles averages around $20-$30 per square. Labor, material costs and the nature of your roof determine the complexity of the job which may make that average cost go up or down.

How much your overall project expense will be can reasonably be determined by an roofing shingles calculator. The typical online calculator has slots to input data. You type in your zip code, square feet of roof area; then click a button and your estimate magically appears. It's easy, fast and remarkably accurate, considering the variability of the factors involved.

The roofing calculator takes the average material and labor costs from a basic framework of numbers in your zip code area. Most quotes you would get from a contractor will be within 10% (higher or lower) than the calculator. This online tool is very useful when working out your budget for building costs.

How does an roofing shingles calculator work? First you have to do some groundwork and background research into your unique requirements and features of your roof. You need to measure the floor (or roof) area to be insulated. Keep in mind that the geographical location of your building will affect the local pricing of materials and labor. Because local climate and temperature conditions vary, some calculators break down the location by zone.

Here's how the script presents you with the details you require. Information about average rates and costs across the country are stored in a database. The estimated cost determined using an roofing shingles calculator will be reasonably correct to give you a fair picture, barring any special needs such as roofing recessed lights or fixing multiple cracks and leaks in the attic. The result is a rule of thumb approximation of the information you need to make a reasonable estimate.

The automated calculator produces reasonable estimates of builder grade materials. What does it cover? The estimate from an roofing shingles calculation script usually includes the costs of ordering, buying and delivering the roofing material and any storage costs. Your choice of specific brands or quality of materials will affect the estimate given by the roofing shingles calculator. You can cost out premium materials at fractionally higher multiples. The estimate includes expenses involved with preparing the roof.

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