Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Roof Shingles Prices At Home Depot

The competition is cut-throat and it is not possible for big stores to survive by charging huge profits. Hence, the prices for shingles at Home Depot is likely to be in more reasonable range. In this era of instant price comparison and checking using social media, internet and the phone it is almost impossible for stores to charge exorbitant prices on their roofing products.

Prices of asphalt shingles have been steadily increasing this past decade or more. The reason is not far to seek. Raw materials that go into these shingles are petroleum-based and as the prices of crude go up so do the price of these shingles. Added to this is the spurt in demand with the increasing ferocity of hurricane and storms when new roofs are needed in a hurry. As the demand goes up so does the prices. Another reason for the rising prices is of course the increase in transportation costs - again directly attributable to rising fuel prices.

Home Depot shingle prices may or may not be the lowest, but is a reputed company that will honor its commitments. In case you get damaged or defective shingles, you can be sure that the company will replace them. Being one of most trusted and respectable companies they would not want even the slightest hint of scandal associated with them. So, if you have any problems they will make sure it is sorted out. Also, they have plenty of in-house experts who can advice you in a variety of matters starting with the type of roofing material to choose, the type of accessories needed, recommendations for roofing contractors.

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  1. The last home depot I went to offered a certain special on shingles, asphalt to be precise. The problem though was that they were still extremely expensive. They weren't even anything out of the ordinary when it came to quality.

    -Adam Ahmed
    Roofing Brooklyn

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