Monday, 1 October 2012

Buying Roofing Shingles Guide - A Few Pointers

Heavy Or Light Shingles

There are so many options in roofing but consider your choices carefully.
Buying roofing shingles that are heavy like laminated shingles can overload your roof rafters.
You might need to beef them up, so that can cost you extra dollars.
Also, the older layers of shingles need to go and their removal and disposal will set you back by 1000 dollars or more.

Materials - Types

Buying roofing shingles becomes difficult because of the huge variety of choices on offer.
Asphalt, laminated, architectural, natural slate, natural wood shake, wood shingles, metals - like steel, copper.
Other choices include fake slate, fake wood which can be asphalt or metals designed to like the real thing.
Asphalt is the most popular choice because of its light-weight, ease of installation and affordability.

Highest Priority - Safety

Safety: Buying roofing shingles with highest fire safety ratings are a must.
Look for class A fire rated products.

Buying Online Or Offline

Convenient to buy roofing shingles online.
The range of choices is more and ease of shopping.
You can talk to representatives over the phone and place your order on the website or over phone.
On the flip side, you really can't judge quality, or the company's reputation.
You might have to pay a hefty amount for shipping, so make sure you get those details before you place your order.

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